Yoga: How Moms Can Re-Establish Connection To The Core

Especially for new moms, for them to strengthen their core, all it takes is to re-establish the connection to the transverse abdominis. Another way is for her to posses the ability to connect her front body to her back body. However, on a deeper level, it also involves re-engaging with one’s self and power.

Having a strong core does not mean you can fit into your old jeans. However, it is majorly about stabilizing from the back. This is why the transverse abdominis, which is that deep abdominal muscle layer which wraps around your torso from the back area to the front and helps to protect your spine, is the key. Many moms have a lot of troubles with their lower back the first couple of years. However, if in the past you have experienced a C-section or abdominal separation, then reconnecting to your core is even more vital and a slower process too.

However, during your post-baby period, building a stronger core is also concerned with reconnecting with that deeper strength that will carry you and your children along. Kids are wonderful most times. They want to be held even beyond their toddler years. The core can be regarded as the main power source from which we engage with the little beings that have come into our lives. Then finally, the essence or let us say the more energetic aspect of the core is willpower. The core is regarded as the seat of your own power. When your life has forever changed and your sense of self has been rattled, possessing a strong core automatically allows you to sit upright both physically and energetically. However, the potent practices that asanas are tied to, holding static planks, engaging more deeply in lunges as well as supine core re-engagement will help to establish a strength that will hold you through the many ups and downs that parenting comes with.

You should start with the Sphinx pose, with your elbows directly under the shoulders. Inhale and as you exhale, start to engage your center and in addition, lift your stomach, chest, as well as hips off the flow in one line. You can try this first with your knees down, energetically drawing your elbows to your knees and your knees to your elbows. However, if this feels steady, you should come back to the Sphinx pose and come up again with your toes tucked under. At this time, try to lift your chest, hips, stomach, and knees.