Qualities That Makes A Great Yoga Teacher

If you have attended any yoga training before, you would have noticed some few things about the yoga instructor. What are those qualities that makes a yoga teacher go from good to great? You will notice that in most cases, the instructor might be great technically but the class is always boring. On the other hand, the class could be filled with fun, but the instructor might be a bit lacking in expertise. Here are some qualities that you should have as a certified yoga instructor, to help you move forward in your career.

1. Energy and your personality

This is one quality that the certified yoga instructor should pay great attention to. Although this quality also differ from one yoga teacher to another. You will find out that some may warm your heart with the way they do their teachings, while others may bring some form of light heartedness and sense of humor. On a normal note, your energy should be focused, calm, centered and enthusiastic.

2. Ability to connect with people

As a certified yoga teacher, one quality you should have as well is to connect easily with your students. This should happen naturally, no matter the size of your class. You should be able to make everyone feel very comfortable and special. This will make them to feel like they belong somewhere. Some signs of a great yoga teacher is that he or she must touch the heart of the students.

3. Preparation and planning

It is always a great idea to have a working plan for your yoga classes. But the bottom line is good preparation will boost your confidence level. You should already what you want to do in class, try as much as possible to talk with your students and create a peaceful atmosphere before you start the practice proper. It will help to prepare the minds of your students and also cause you to capture the attention of your students.

4. Strong presence

You must completely command the attention of your students, for you to be regarded as a successful yoga teacher. Your student should be so interested in the class that they want to watch every move you make.

5. Flexibility

Having some form of flexibility as a certified yoga instructor is good, but not just for your body alone. Remember that you are teacher people who have different body sizes as well as flexibility. As a great yoga teacher, you should be able to adjust your teachings to suit your students. This is a special intuition. You have to listen and pay attention to your students.

6. Teaching with love

It is very easy to spot yoga teachers who really love what they do. Although the feelings between yoga teachers varies. Some might feel burned out and there are also some that may not even know their feelings. In a nutshell, the aim of yoga is to improve the mind, body as well as spirit. When you meet a yoga teacher that loves what he or she does, that same feeling is transferred to the students.

It is every yogi’s dream to have a successful career. It all starts from you and end up with you. For beginners, it is very easy to achieve. It only takes some time of commitment and you are good to go.