Getting Ready for Yoga School!

When summer comes to a close, children prepare for their first day of school. This first day of school needs cautious preparation, and it’s a moment of excellent enjoyment, not only for the little ones starting their first class but also for the “big” ones beginning their first instructor training in a school – in a Yoga school.

How do you know when you are ready?

You know that children go to school when they turn 6 or 7. However, when you want to know if you are ready for a yoga instructor training or not, age is not a criterion at all, not even the “age” of your exercise. Young or knowledgeable, yoga starter or super-advanced, you will find a Yoga instructor training that matches you as soon as you feel you are ready for such a course.

How do you know when you are ready for a yoga training? Of course, one needs to have a training passion and real wish to accept all eight divisions of yoga, not just the asana exercise which is only one of them. This should be considered before starting on any Yoga Teacher Training. I think that it is important to have a regular exercise or begin doing one than the capability to do asana, although a certain stages should have been reached, at least level two in sessions. However, the capability to have an open thoughts, strong body and a good wish to learn and understand how your body works when exercising asana is an excellent starting point too.

Preparation guidelines for Yoga Teacher Training

There are a couple of guidelines for you to get ready for the wonderful training journey of Yoga teaching. The following guidelines will help you get ready not only for the first day of the program but will set up the foundation for your whole yoga journey.

1. Study through some Yoga literary works to get acquainted with the key concepts. Ask if there is a reading system recommended by the Yoga school where your training is done and try as much as possible to go through it before the course. During the course, you would be so active with the exercise and the research of the textbooks that there will be no time left for additional reading.

2. Get in touch with graduate students to know what to anticipate from your Yoga school: how is it like, what should you take with you, approach, sessions outline, teaching methods, instructors, what type of food will be provided, and many other things.

4. Give yourself time for the training process. Learning occurs in a different way for each of us and in different time frames. Attending your training process would help you comprehend how you work as an individual (what is the most beneficial for you are learning – to see it, listen to it or try it?) and then improve your training based on what you know about yourself.

5. You may want to buy a notebook more than the ones based on the record obtained from your instructor. You will need a notebook and some pens just for yourself. Prepare your notebook for getting notes during the sessions and for writing.