The Perfect Holiday Gift: A Day at the Spa

Spa gift certificates are becoming more and more popular and are right at the top of holiday wish lists for both men and women. Spas offer stress-relief, pampering, and results. Spa gift certificates are a wonderful way to show friends, family, employees, or the one you love, how much you care.

When selecting a spa gift certificate, consider the following:

Visiting the web site of a spa can give you an idea of the spa’s environment, their experience, and philosophy. The spa experience begins when a guest enters the door. By taking a virtual tour, you can get an idea of what the experience will be.

Spa gift certificates are available in either dollar amounts or by custom designed treatments and packages. A spa can assist you in selecting the ideal gift package from a foot fantasy to the world’s best day spa experience.

Some of the best gifts are things that one would typically not consider purchasing for themselves. A popular trend today is treatments using more than one therapist. There is nothing quite like a facial (which includes a massage of the face, neck, shoulders, upper back, hands and arms) combined with a second therapist simultaneously massaging the feet with both hands and hot stones. This type of treatment is absolutely decadent and can be surprisingly affordable. At upscale spa, a Foot Fantasy can be combined with almost any treatment. This is a heavenly experience with a skilled therapist providing both a manual and hot stone massage using essential oils and a warm parrafin dip.

When considering a spa service for a man, be sure the environment is comfortable for a gentleman. Overstuffed sofas, needlepoint wall hangings, and especially co-ed waiting areas can be very intimidating to men. Instead, look for an upscale, contemporary environment with privacy.

Ask about gift certificate delivery. For those of us who wait until the last minute, gift certificates that can be purchased over the phone can be a big help. In most cases, gift certificates can even be emailed to ensure “on-time” delivery.

Be sure to ask the spa’s policy on aestheticians (facialists) leaving the room during a treatment. The therapist should be in the room at all times delivering pampering, relaxation, and results. A client who is left alone can feel forgotten and uneasy and certainly they are not getting the best treatment possible.

Adding some products to a gift certificate can enhance the spa experience. Aromatherapy candles, essential oils, soaps, shower gels, and luxurious massage cream can make for a romantic spa experience for a couple to share at home.

Websites such as or can be helpful in finding the ideal day spa in your area. If the goal is to provide a gift that incorporates the ultimate in relaxation and results, a medical spa might be the ideal choice. Key words such as “medical spa” or “plastic surgery medical spa” and your city entered into a search engine will give you results of medical spas in your region.