Infrared Sauna Vs Traditional Sauna

Saunas are relatively new in the United States. Infrared saunas are not much different from traditional saunas. The Finns have enjoyed the sauna since at least the ice ages in one form or other. One significant difference is the way they are powered. The infrared sauna uses infrared emitters. The traditional sauna uses heated rocks which people pour water on to heat the air. The infrared sauna just heats the occupants and not the air. This to me is the biggest benefit as often times when I am in a regular sauna I feel like I cannot breathe and end up running out the door after five minutes.

Conventional saunas are heated with either wood, electric or gas heaters. The infrared sauna uses infrared emitters. Both traditional saunas and infrared saunas can be wooden structures. Most traditional saunas can be placed outdoors, but most infrared saunas are built and warranted for inside use only. The infrared sauna is easier to assemble than the traditional sauna.

Infrared Saunas are increasing in popularity throughout the United States and are considered to be the new best kept secret in personal care. Wood Fired Saunas on the other hand are an Old-Fashioned Pleasure.

Steam saunas are what most people think of when saunas are mentioned. With America’s perpetual obsession with weight loss and health, saunas are more popular than ever in recreation and fitness facilities.

In conclusion the infrared sauna uses less heat which means less electricity. The infrared sauna heats up far quicker than its conventional counter part. The infrared sauna is more portable. Because they are more portable they are easier to assemble. With an Infrared sauna you can enjoy all the benefits of conventional sauna conveniently at home for a fraction of the cost.