Gillette Razor

When we’re young we long for the day our first whiskers will start to show. As soon as it appears we adventure on the journey to manhood… Every freaking day! Little did we know that those whiskers would multiply into thousands all over our face and most men have to shave daily to keep them tamed!

So what’s it like putting up a blade to your face everyday? Well irritating I guess. Not emotionally, besides the fact that you have to shave fast enough or you’ll be late to work, but a man’s skin is also irritated from constant shaving. So even though most people think it’s woman who have delicate skin, it’s actually men who have the most delicate skin.

A while ago, when man’s face got irritated or such, we’d go to the local store and look for some product so ease the pain, and only see an aisle filled with women’s skin care products and we didn’t want to take that pink bottled cream to the cash register. But finally with time razor blade companies and skin care companies have seen the shout for help of all men who suffer from a skin care problem and they’ve come out with a whole market filled with products made just for us, men skin care products.

Going back to the blades, the blades manufactured today have been given more thought and are now safer and precise as each year passes. Gillette’s latest triple blade technology is a life saver for all men, especially those with sensitive skin.

But that’s not all, then came Gillette’s Mach3Turbo. This advanced razor system targets young men who are beginning to shave and also focuses on black men skin care, since African American men tend to develop razor bumps. Now that is coming of age. Black men have always struggled with a way to diminish razor bumps, and Mach3Turbo is just what was needed. Not only that, but because Mach3Turbo is such a precise shaving products, young men who are just starting to shave won’t have to suffer as much irritation due to their “inexperienced” sensitive skin.

By far, Gillette offers a great line of men skin care products. Sure disposable blades maybe cheaper, but you’ll end up looking like a tomato if you use those. Gillette offers you products made just for men and out sensitive skin. We’ll get the clean “picture perfect” shave that women love to touch!