Get Rid of Cellulite, Once and For All!

Had it up to here with Cellulite? Want to get rid of it forever, and make your body all lovely and sleek? Yeah, me too, so I when one of my old ‘Gym Boys’ showed me this Exercise years ago, I started doing it all the time, and changed it up a bit to make it work more effectively for me. This is a great exercise for Women, but I know for a fact that ‘manly men’ do it, too! ha,ha! (Oh, and in case you are thinking something ‘inaccurate’ about the ‘Gym Boy’ thing, that’s just what I used to call all the guys at the gym where I used to work out a lot — it’s a term of endearment, but in no way a reference to anyone I went out with — I either call those guys “that crazy old jerk” or “one of my great old friends”…usually one or the other — sometimes both! ha,ha!)

Get rid of Cellulite once and for all with this very easy and incredibly inexpensive Exercise. It takes about 20 minutes, or so, depending on how many Reps you do (repetitions — ‘Reps’ in Weight Lifting Language…).

Here’s what you need — something you can lay down on that will allow you to have good Leg Extension when you are laying on your Stomach. I used to use my Giant Exercise Ball, then it dawned on me that I could easily use the fancy wee Bench at the end of my Bed as an Exercise Bench. Softer and nicer, and not nearly as expensive and hard to find. I’ve seen these wee Benches for under $50.00 at Wal Mart — one of my favorite Stores! You can pick up a Set of Free Weights while you’re there, too.

I use a 10 Pound Weight to Start, but if this is brand new for you, start with a 5 Pound Weight. As you get used to the Weight, you can increase it up to about 35 or 40 Pounds. You probably don’t want to go much higher than that… you don’t want giant legs, just nice smooth and sleek legs, right?

Oh, and you will notice when you are doing these Exercises that your legs will seem Longer and Leaner, too. That’s because these Exercises can straighten out any ‘Bow Legs’ that you might have, and you will build some nice Lean Muscle in your Legs. Sounds good, hmm?

Step One: Pull the Bench into the Middle of the room, so you have lots of space. Put on some great Music — put on any music that makes you want to move…

Step Two: Set the Weight on it’s End, so you can grasp it between your feet. If you are lucky enough to have someone help you with this, have them ‘Place the Weight’ in the Arch bit of your feet. Then tell them to get their hands off yer legs, you’re trying to exercise ovah’ here…! ha,ha! It’s pretty easy to maneuver the Weight if it’s 10 Pounds or less, but you really do need someone to help you when the Weight is over 25 pounds.

Step Three: Lay flat on your stomach on the bench, with your knees entirely below the end of the bench, because you want maximum movement with your legs. Position the Free Weight between your feet. (Place the weight yourself if it’s under 20 pounds and you can figure that out, or, hopefully, have someone else pace the weight for you. Remember, when you first try this exercise, don’t exceed 20 pounds, until you feel really comfortable doing it, and are easily able to lower the weight by yourself down to the floor when you’re done.)

Step Four: Slowly Raise and Lower the Weight, using a Full Extension. Let your feet go toward your Behind (yes, your butt!), then right back down almost to the floor. It’s a good stretch, and great for developing nice Lean Muscles. I would Start with 3 Sets of 10 Repetitions. When you are finding that too easy, increase it to 3 Sets of 20 Reps. I like to do 2 Sets of 50 Reps, but that’s because I’ve been doing these Exercises for a long time, unless I’m lifting over 35 pounds, then I’m back to 2 or 3 sets of 20 reps…

To add extra weight, you can wear the ‘wrap around’ Ankle Weights to make the Weight a little Heavier. As you increase the amount of Weight you use, you might want to wrap your Ankles with an extra Sock — men’s socks work well because they are bigger and will tuck in around your ankle.

Wear Running Shoes so you can get a good grip on the weight. If at any point you don’t feel like you have a good grip on the weight, lower it gently to the ground and try again. A good grip is the most important thing!

Oh, and very slowly lower the Weight to the floor when you are done, so you don’t drop the Weight on the floor. That won’t work out well!

In between Sets, pick up a couple of 3 or 5 Pound Weights, and do a ‘Butterfly Move’ to work on your Arms in the same work-out. Put the Weights in front of your waist, raise them up in a big sweeping motion over your head, then slowly back down. Just do 10 reps in between each Set of the Anti-Cellulite Exercises, and you’ll be in great shape in no time at all!

See ya’, stooopid cellulite! Be gone, and don’t be back!!