Are You Prepared For An Organic Skin Care Routine?

Skin has many important functions in our body such as: protection, excretion and nourishing. It protects against UV rays by absorbing and converting them into dark pigment to prevent further damage. The skin is also the largest excretion organ, eliminating bodily waste through its pores. Its oily glands secrete sebum, which maintains the elasticity of the skin’s surface. The water skin storage helps metabolic reactions, minerals and vitamins absorption.

Today, when people are more concerned about side effects, due to chemicals in personal care, when trace of parabens (preservatives) were found in breast tissue, organic herbs and genuine oils in skincare formulations become a necessity.

The general knowledge about herbs as ingredients in personal care along with the understanding of skin functions can open unlimited possibilities for people to choose a proper skin routine, free of side effects.

A natural and organic treatment for the skin has the same importance for your inner health as a natural and organic food. The natural and organic skin care routine becomes the new way of finding the right approach to feed the skin.

Skin requires water, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, proteins for its cells as much as your inner body needs them for a proper metabolic function of its organs. This is the natural and valid way of obtaining a younger looking skin for a long period of time while keeping the skin healthy.

The name natural or organic in skin care becomes very controversial since usually natural ingredients are mixed with chemical ingredients for the sake of nice and fluffy structure and for a long and strong preservation of the products.

If you are looking for a nice looking cream with white and fluffy structure you will never find it to be a real natural cream unless they contain bleach and/or stabilizers.

One or two natural ingredients are not enough to start all chain reactions necessary to promote extended collagen and elastin production, or other vital metabolic reactions.

Many chemical ingredients in a formulation that also contain natural ingredients can induce oxidation of the last releasing free radicals that can damage the skin.

On the other hand, chemical substances can mimic similar structures with natural active constituents and compete for the same cell receptors. The result is the diminishing of the effects of the natural constituents.

Some chemicals are very difficult to eliminate from the skin due to their unrecognizable structure and tend to accumulate in different parts of the body and even block the skin pores makes the toxin elimination very difficult.

In conclusion: Be very careful when you choose a natural cream; be aware when you see more than one or two unknown names (chemicals) in a natural product. Be picky as if you were choosing a proper outfit. Don’t be tricked by fancy advertising. Look carefully at the ingredients of your skin care products as you would look for side effects on a prescription medication.