Where Is Lactic Acid In The Body?

Lactic acid is found in the muscles. It is produced when the muscles have run out of energy from glucose sources. It is produced from the fermentation that occurs in the cytoplasm of the cells. It happens when there is not enough oxygen in the cells and muscles anymore. Lactic acid is a substance that is being produced by your body to help the muscles endure longer during vigorous physical activities. It gives the muscles more energy whenever there is a need. Contrary to what many people believe, lactic acid is not all bad. It has great benefits especially to athletes who need higher sports performance and endurance.

You need to keep in mind that this acid is composed of two main substances: lactate and hydrogen ion. Lactate is beneficial to the body while hydrogen ion is not. Lactate is a great substance because it can produce energy almost instantly. If you are tried from exercise and you feel you are out of energy, just drink a dose of lactate and you will be up and dancing again. It is very beneficial even after workouts. It helps the muscles recover faster preventing the muscles from becoming too strained and too sore.

It is the hydrogen ion that is not good for the body. This is where the bad reputation of lactic acid comes from. When the hydrogen ion builds up, your muscles are affected negatively. The contractions are damaged and the nerve signals are disrupted. It is not the lactic acid build-up that you should blame for the burning sensations you feel during exercise. It is not the lactic acid’s fault but the hydrogen ion’s. To understand lactic acid better, below are some facts that you need to know.

Lactic acid is not responsible for the soreness of the muscles. The muscle soreness is most probably the cause of the torn muscle tissues. When you exercise, the muscles undergo wear and tear. This is an important step in creating stronger muscles. However, this step requires the muscles to become sore in order for the body to take the necessary action during the resting period.

Lactic acid is produced when carbohydrates are broken down. This is the reason why people with strong muscles are less likely to experience a build-up. When your muscles are strong, less carbohydrates and glucose are required. On the other hand, when the muscles are not that strong yet, your body will have to get energy by breaking down the carbs. As a result, lactic acid is released greatly and a build-up happens.

This kind of acid is important to the body especially to the muscles during physical activities. Although it has bad effects when the hydrogen ions build up, it is not entirely bad. All you need to do is to find ways on how you can prevent the build-up.