What Is The Osteopathy Lymphatic Technique?

The medical world is fast advancing as technology advances. However, there are techniques that are being created without the aid of machines. Some people choose these alternative forms of medicines over the synthetic ones as they are deemed safer and more efficient. One of the alternative medicines that are growing in popularity these days is osteopathy. Osteopathic medicine has a lot of techniques involved in helping patients recover from their muscle pain and other medical conditions.

One of the renowned techniques of osteopathy is known as the lymphatic technique or the lymphatic pump. The main idea is to improve the condition of the lymphatic system by increasing the lymph flow in the body. When the lymph nodes are working perfectly, the body will be able to fight infection better and faster.

It is important to support the lymphatic system in its flow. This is because it does not have a central pumping mechanism that will always ensure that it is flowing well and in the correct direction. If it is compared to the circulatory system, it does not have a heart. It can only flow because of the contraction and relaxation of the muscles in the body that happens in an alternating manner. Therefore, applying pressure to it is important in improving the circulation. The lymphatic pump is closely related to the thoracic pump techniques. In fact, the term emerged to describe the latter. In the medical field today, the thoracic pump technique covers a wider scope while the lymphatic pump focuses on the lymph nodes.

There are two main approaches to lymphatic pump – the thoracic and the abdominal. In the thoracic approach, the pressure is applied to the thoracic region to increase the flow of the lymph in the body. Experts suggest that by massaging the thoracic region, the lymph will be able to flow better. The other technique, the abdominal pump, suggests that by applying pressure to the abdomen, improvement of the lymphatic system will come after.

What is the significance of the lymph to the body? Your lymphatic system is very important to your immune system. It is where the antibodies that fight protection are created. When viruses come inside the body, the lymphatic system automatically creates antibodies that will fight the infection the next time it happens. It also helps in flushing out the toxins that stay in your cells and your bloodstream. It also makes sure that no excess fluids will go to your organs and muscles. Any excess will be returned to the bloodstream to be circulated and excreted. Another clinical significance of lymphatic technique can be seen in treating pneumonia. A lot of patients who suffer from this disease recover through the help of enhancing the lymph flow. It helps rid the body of harmful pathogens that lead to illnesses.

You can never judge a practice based on its longevity in the world. The lymphatic technique is still new but it already has a lot of clinical significances in the medical world.