Penis Health Hacks for a Happy Penis

With the number of gyms and sports clubs in the nation indicating a continuing national fascination with physical health, it’s a wonder there isn’t more attention paid to the equally important matter of maintaining proper penis health. Make no mistake about it: a healthy penis is a happy penis, but penis health doesn’t just happen without any effort. Maintaining penis health may not require a man’s little friend to do push-ups or squats, but there are some steps that need to be taken.

The hacks below are valuable ways to help maintain that much-needed penis health.

– Don’t let it gather dust in the garage. Car aficionados know that letting an automobile sit idle for too long a stretch is not good for it, and the same is true of the penis. A happy penis, one whose owner makes sure he gets taken out for a ride on a regular basis, will repay the owner with better f8unctioning. When the penis goes too long without some form of sexual activity – whether a fascinating visit with a partner or some quality time wrapped in a fist – the tissues suffer. Erections and long-term sexual activity bring fresh oxygen-rich blood to the organ; without that, the penis gets to feeling a little tired. There also is evidence that frequent ejaculations help to keep the prostate healthy as well. So men, remember to use it or lose it where the penis is concerned.

– Don’t let it be active alone. Making sure the penis gets plenty of exercise is important – but the rest of the body needs to get its fair share as well. Obesity, which is an increasing problem in America and other parts of the world, has an indirect effect on penis health. When the body is out of shape, there’s less stamina for sex, the heart has a harder time pumping oxygen around the body (which is needed for healthy organs and for erections) and high blood pressure can impact performance. In addition to getting sufficient exercise, it pays to keep an eye on the diet. Increasing fruits and vegetables and decreasing sweets may be a good way to help shed those pounds. (It’s a good idea to talk with a doctor about changes to diet and exercise routines before initiating them.)

– Switch things up. It’s not unusual for people to fall into routines – including the way they masturbate. Some guys find they stroke themselves in exactly the same way, night after night after night. This can lead to de-sensitization of the penis, so that a man needs to be stroked in exactly the same way, and usually for a longer and/.or more intense period of time – and that can sometimes lead to trouble when the hand is replaced with a partner and their various body parts. Taking the time to change strokes, touches, and pressures can help keep the penis properly sensitized.

– Drink a lot – of water. Too much alcohol can be an anti-stimulant, causing the dreaded “whiskey dick” that refuses to rise to the occasion. Similarly, drinking too LITTLE water can be damaging. Not only does dehydration affect the penis negatively, mas it does the body as a whole, but it also means that more angiotensin, which raises blood pressure, gets produced. Don’t want that.

The penis health that produces a happy penis is greatly enhanced by the daily use of a top drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look especially for a cr̬me that contains both L-arginine and L-carnitine., the former is an amino acid and it helps the body produce nitric oxide Рwhich in turns helps keep penile blood vessels receptive to increased blood flow. The latter is important for preventing loss of penis sensation, as can occur for men who are too set in their masturbatory routines.