It’s Not Erectile Dysfunction! 5 Less Serious Reasons for a Weak Erection

The mood is set, and you’ve got the woman of your dreams anxiously awaiting her ticket to the Big Show. Candles lit, Barry White is on, and your junk is, well, junk. Your star player is being called to the Big Leagues, and he’s pulling a no-show. Instead of a Louisville Slugger in your shorts, there’s a weak hot dog even the most frugal vendor wouldn’t sell. So what gives?

Before panic sets in, take a knee and regroup. There are plenty of harmless reasons a man can find himself with a weak erection; not everything means erectile dysfunction. Let’s talk about some of the everyday things that can cause a man to find himself without a bat boy.

Weak Erection Reason #1: You just rubbed one out.

It makes sense. Unless you’re 14, you probably don’t have a 3-minute refractory period. A refractory period is the time it takes to have an erection after having an orgasm. Your body just needs some time to relax and rejuvenate before its next at-bat. Most men under the age of 40 need at least 30 minutes between sessions to power up, and some men need longer. Learn your rhythm and work with it.

Weak Erection Reason #2: You got too tipsy at happy hour.

Liquid courage can sometimes help in getting the deal, but too much can make closing it impossible. Good ol’ whiskey dick strikes again! Your central nervous system recognizes alcohol as a depressant and tells the body to relax instead of getting hard. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a beer, but limit daily drinking to no more than 2 drinks to maintain member function.

The More You Know: The occasional weak erection can turn into erectile dysfunction if alcohol is abused. Alcohol can wither and destroy the blood vessels, which bring the blood to the boner. Alcoholism can also alter hormones, resulting in reduced drive.

Weak Erection Reason #3: Your meds are to blame.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, right? Well, when it comes to meds, sometimes to fix one thing, there are side effects, and sometimes that’s taking a hit to the hard-on.

Medications that have been shown to affect erections include but are not limited to:

– Diuretics

– Beta-blockers

– Serotonin reuptake inhibitors

– Amphetamines

– Opiates

– Barbiturates

– Antihistamines

– Muscle relaxers

– Chemotherapy medications

In some cases, your doctor can prescribe an alternative medication to regain full member function.

Weak Erection Reason #4: You’re too stressed and exhausted to pop a bone.

Nothing kills an erection like stress. Like every other bodily function, erections need energy, but if the body is exhausted or too stressed, all the energy goes to essential bodily functions, and the wang is left out. Stress can also spike cortisol levels, which blocks the effects of libido-building testosterone.

Weak Erection Reason #5: A new partner is giving you a case of the “shys.”

This is good old-fashioned performance anxiety. It’s normal to get so nervous that when it’s time to perform, the penis is a big non-starter. If you’re too excited, your body can fill with adrenaline, which tightens the blood vessels, making it hard to… get hard. If blood can’t get to the penis, no boner will it create.

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