What Is Deep Tissue Massage And What Does It Do?

Masseurs use deep tissue massage as a way to get through the layers of muscles and fix any issues that might be occurring much deeper down. Connective tissues and deep muscle layers are the ones where serious pains can develop, with some muscle knots causing so much pain people are unable to move at all. Overall deep tissue massage is simply a more intense version of classic massage, and that intensity is certainly felt when people experience all that deep tissue massage has to offer.

For proper deep tissue massage the masseur finds the knots and pain sources throughout someone’s body and focuses their massaging efforts on them to achieve the best results. To some people this might sound like their worst nightmare, but it’s necessary to prevent aches and pains from becoming chronic problems that don’t go away.

Certain things like adhesions, muscle tissues sticking to each other, and injuries can cause a person phenomenal pain around their body. These can cause someone to suddenly be in intense pain which stops them from doing anything for the rest of the day, or even a week or month. Deep tissue massage breaks down whatever problem is occurring, such as adhesions, and forces the muscle tissue apart so that someone can be healed of their pain. Masseurs will often apply pressure and use massage strokes across the muscle grain, getting maximum movement out of the muscles and healing them faster.

Usually people will feel pain and stiffness after a deep massage, because the massage itself is so intense. It doesn’t mean the massage hasn’t worked if you’re not in pain, it simply means that your body could tolerate it better, or the massage wasn’t as hard as it could have been.

Most professional athletes will have deep tissue massages after exercise, because it helps increase the blood flow to the muscles and makes the more flexible, ready for more exercise. This means they can go on to perform better in large sporting events like marathons and the Olympics.

In conclusion deep tissue massage is the most intense type of massage there is. It is used mainly for healing purposes and making athletes perform better in the long run. People should use this massage if they have serious injuries or need to perform better at sports, because otherwise they will simply be having an unpleasant massage that gives them benefits but hurts more than they want it to.