Benefits Athletes Can Get From Massage

For many years, lots of professional athletes and their coaches have sworn by massage therapy. Recently, there has not been conclusive evidence of the positive effects of massage to athletes. But thanks for new studies along with some backing by reliable sources because the benefits massage delivers are now being taken seriously. What’s great about this is that these benefits are not only for the pros; rather, they are also for anyone who actively adheres to a regular exercise program.

It has been proven that massage can boost performance, prevent injury, reduce pain, shorten recovery time, and encourage focus. Basically, it involves 2 types of responses – a mechanical response and a reflex response.

Physiological Effects

It affects the cardiovascular system – it dilates blood vessels so they can work more efficiently to promote circulation. It also affects the muscular system wherein it helps relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness, and promotes faster recovery. The latest study showed that it can also promote the growth of the energy-producing units in the cells.

Psychological Effects

Tension, anxiety, and stress can be reduced whilst relaxation can be promoted with massage since the parasympathetic nervous system will be activated. There will be an increase in serotonin and dopamine levels along with a reduction in cortisol levels. This results to a relaxed, lowered-tension state.

Massage For Athletes

Sports Massage – This will involve stretching and other approaches, depending on the kind of sport you participate. It can actually be tailored to be used as a pre-workout stretch. Therapists often make use of different techniques for pre-event, intermediate, and post-event massage to get the muscles warmed up, spasm-free, and stretched out.

Deep Tissue – This therapy is suggested by therapists since it works on particular issues you might have, applying heavier pressure on deep tissues. Throughout this massage, do not expect to be comfortable. Be prepared because it’s meant to get into knots and tension the muscles. In fact, you might even have a sore after undergoing this type of massage.

Experts highly emphasized the benefits of having a regular massage program. Doing so will help you reap their benefits. You can actually think of it as preventative maintenance.

However, before participating into a regular program, you must do some research first. This will help ensure that you reach your health and fitness goals. And although the program might require some financial readjusting to be within your budget, it actually seems to be worth the effort.

When it comes to searching for the best service provider, asking others who participate in your activity or sport seems to be the best way. Usually, word-of-mouth recommendations are excellent. Also, choose those who underwent the right sports massage courses.