What are the reasons behind the low levels of estrogen in the body?

With time, every woman starts feeling some kind of change in her body. This change is not limited only to the body but the emotions as well. this happens majorly due to the lowering levels of the hormones present in the body. There can be a lot of reasons for the lowering of these hormones and they do not only get lowered in women, but men also experience it. however, here we are going to talk only about the female hormones that are known by the name estrogen. As the level of the hormones falls in the body, there are some symptoms that you would feel that would tell you that something is wrong.

Here takes a look at the list of symptoms that are known to be shown in women that have got a low level of estrogen.

  • If you are doing a lot of exercises, you might find that the estrogen level in the body is lowered and a delay in the menstrual period can occur
  • If you are having some kind of sleeping disorder, then too, you can have a lower level of estrogen in the body
  • If your pituitary gland is not working properly, there are chances that the level of estrogen has gone low in the body
  • Some kind of chronic kidney disease can also be the cause of the low level of estrogen in the body
  • The presence of Turner syndrome is also linked to the lowering of the estrogen levels
  • Having premature ovarian failure can also be responsible for this condition of the body, this can result from genetic irregularities toxins

Fortunately, there are several solutions and remedies available for such problems in women. Hormone therapy for women is one of them where the bioidentical hormones are induced in the body that is made in the labs and are very close to those that are occurring in nature.

Typically, what happens is that when a woman is nearing her 40 years, the estrogen levels start to lower down in the body. The ovaries are still producing this hormone but the production level keeps on decreasing until a woman reaches her menopause. The phase before the actual menopause is known as perimenopause and the symptoms start appearing in it. some women can have it before 40 years as well. Source: BioDesign Wellness Center

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