Importance of First Aid Training Courses – And its Benefits in your Daily life

What is First Aid?

It is the first moments after this situation occurs that it can be critical that first aid is provided to reduce harm and potentially save lives.

A First Aid Course London can prepare people for an accident or emergency situation and provide useful knowledge and skills that can reduce harm and ultimately save the lives.

In the home or workplace if an accident does occur in all reality, it will be at least 10 to 30 minutes in many cases before medical attention when an ambulance, a nurse or a doctor will arrive.

One of the key objectives of first aid treatment is sustaining the life of a patient while waiting for medical attention to arrive. Life threatening conditions and fatal injuries are not to be ignored. A single minute delay in giving treatment can potentially cost a person’s life.

One of most important skills that you will learn as part of a first aid training course are First Aid, Health and Safety, Food Safety, Health and Social Care Training.

First Aid Training Courses

These first aid trainings cover all-important things and have modules from basic to advance. Many different first aid training courses cater to different needs.

Here are few first aid online Training courses:

Workplace First Aid Training – The workplace has many different risks. This is particularly true for industrial workplaces. There is always the risk of injury and accidents. Each employee should be aware of the necessary first aid actions that they can do in case of emergencies.

Children And Youth First Aid Training – If working with children and youth or even if just living with children and youth, first aid training is vital. Children and youth are prone to injuries and accidents because of their hyper-activeness.

Health & Safety First Aid Training – This kind of first aid training course aims to prevent accidents and injuries from happening in the first place.

Specialist First Aid Training – Aside from the basic first aid training lessons, you can learn more with specialist first aid training.

First Aid Kits

Knowing what to do in case of emergency is vital to be able to save lives. When performing first aid treatments, there are some things that you will need. These things should be ready and accessible all the time. They should be place in one kit for easy access.

Keeping a stocked first aid kit inside the home or at the workplace is beneficial in many ways such as:

  • You will be able to treat injury right away;
  • Haemorrhage will be prevented;
  • You can prevent any injury or condition from becoming worse;
  • You can avoid further complications of the condition; and
  • You can save the life of the patient.
  • What goes inside the first aid kits? Here are the basic things that you will need for first aid:
  • Antibacterial or antiseptic wash – to remove bacteria from wounds
  • Cotton Balls/Swabs – use in applying antiseptic/antibacterial solutions to wounds
  • Antibiotic ointment – to prevent infection from building on the wounds
  • Alcohol – for disinfecting
  • Tape – to attach the gauze pads onto the skin
  • Scissors – for cutting gauze pads, strings, tape
  • Compress – for sprains and other bumps
  • Thermometer – to check temperature of the patient
  • Basic medicines like aspirin – to treat basic conditions

There could be additional things to include in a first aid kit depending on the risks involved in the home or workplace. First aid kits should also be taken if camping, boating, or doing risky and adventurous activities.

Suggested Places to Keep a First Aid Kit:

  • In Your Home
  • In Your Car
  • In Your Workplace

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