Hormone Therapy For Men Who Want To Manage And Control Their Health

Testosterone therapy for men is a treatment used to increase androgen levels in the body. A man’s testosterone level can drop below normal because of a number of reasons such as aging, illness or injury. Because these conditions can affect testosterone levels, some doctors recommend hormone replacement therapy to patients who need it. However, there are natural alternatives to synthetic hormones that may be just as effective.

Many men find that they have symptoms of low testosterone when they begin to have sexual intercourse. Symptoms of low testosterone often include lack of desire, fatigue, moodiness, and decreased muscle mass and strength. Most symptoms will disappear over time, but some can linger for months. Many men decide to try hormone therapy to treat these symptoms. Results are usually felt within a few weeks of beginning treatment.

Natural alternatives to testosterone therapy for men who want to use alternative methods to treat low testosterone include herbs and vitamins. Chinese herbs called ginseng and ashwaganda can help increase testosterone production. The Chinese believe that the body functions with an internal system of balance between chemicals and hormones. Boosting this system may help improve sexual function, energy and muscle mass.

Men who choose testosterone therapy may be concerned about side effects. Most natural alternatives have fewer side effects than most synthetic hormones do. It is important to monitor the amount of supplements taken regularly to make sure there aren’t excessive amounts being taken. Some men experience increased risk of health problems while using these medications. Although rare, some side effects include high blood pressure, stroke, kidney failure and prostate cancer.

Another option available for men who want testosterone therapy but aren’t comfortable with injections or who don’t have health problems are the transdermal patches. Transdermal patches are similar to the sachets that contain testosterone. The only difference is that these are applied directly to the skin. When men wear the patches they need to remember to remove them before going to bed. The transdermal patches can contain small amounts of lead and must be used correctly to avoid health risks.

Both men, who are using bioidentical hormones and those who are not should follow the directions given by their doctors. This treatment by testosterone therapy for men Woodlands is a very effective way to treat symptoms that men deal with regularly. However, it is important to know that bioidentical hormones can increase the health risks of men who have health problems, so men should always talk to their doctor before starting any new hormone therapy.


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