What Are The Main Benefits Of Trampoline Exercise?

Many people might look at someone bouncing on a trampoline

and wonder what all the excitement is about. But the truth

is, trampolines are great for physical fitness of children

and adults, as well as for influencing other things such as


Trampolines are used regularly by athletes who skate,

dance, dive, or do gymnastics. That’s because bouncing on

a trampoline takes more than just the effort of jumping up

and down. It takes coordination to achieve consistent

height, balanced landings, and the ability to perform

complex maneuvers without injury.

These athletes learn to hone skills important to their own

sports, by using the mechanics of the trampoline. This can

include techniques like turns, flips, and splits.

Children who learn how to use a trampoline properly, gain a

new sense of freedom, and the thrill of soaring into the

air. A few lessons can go a long way towards giving them a

sense of achievement and self-confidence, especially if

they have tried other, more difficult sports and not been


Adults can benefit from either full size trampolines, or

the smaller ones known as “rebounders”, designed to be used

in the home. Not only does the gentle activity of bouncing

on a trampoline strengthen voluntary and involuntary

muscles, it helps bones to become stronger, and stay


The aerobic activity involved strengthens the heart, and

provides you with many of the same benefits as jogging,

with less stress on weight bearing joints.

The “G” force, or effects of gravity in jogging, can

actually increase the impact on your feet, to a value that

is equivalent to four times your body weight. Using a

trampoline can reduce that stress by 80%, providing a safe,

effective way to exercise for older adults, and those with

certain physical challenges.