This Christmas Let’s Give Seniors The Gift Of Self Defense With A Personal Alarm

Christmas is perhaps my favorite time of year and what’s not to enjoy about Christmas? We get to spend quality time with friends and family, enjoy home cooked meals and exchange heartfelt gifts with one another. The only problem I see with gift giving is that often times we exchange gifts that end up going right back to the store to be returned either because it was the wrong size or the person receiving the gift just wasn’t into whatever the gift was. I mean that is the whole reason we are so often asked if we would like a gift receipt by the person working the register. That is why this Christmas I’d like to suggest that we give a gift to any senior citizens on our list that they will not only want and appreciate but can actually use and that gift is a personal alarm. What better way to show your appreciation for someone special in your life than to give them a gift that could very well save their life one day?

Personal alarms are one of those items that I think just about anyone should own but I really think make ideal tools of self defense for seniors as they require no special training, can be extremely effective in deterring an assault and are completely and utterly safe. Seniors are also at a higher risk of assault than their younger counterparts and that is not only because they may be physically less apt at defending themselves but because criminals know they may be less apt at physically defending themselves. They work by simply emitting an extremely high decibel alarm that works to scare off potential attackers. Many of these alarms come in the form of a keychain which makes them virtually impossible to forget at home and also makes it readily and quickly available in the event of an attack.

Also, it is not just giving the gift of a personal alarm but so much more that you will be giving this holiday season. It is the gift of security, or at the very least the feeling of security that you can be giving to a loved one. Fortunately we live in a rather civilized world (I understand that that comment is open for debate) and the chances that such an alarm would ever have to be used is rather slim but just knowing it is there can offer a very fulfilling feeling for some.

So please consider giving the gift of self defense to any senior citizens on your list this holiday season.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer