Facts That Amaze You About Cosmetic Surgery

Not many months ago when I was researching the many reasons on the increased popularity of cosmetic procedures, I came across this wonderful data sheet with a slew of interesting facts about the 12.5 million procedures performed in the year 2015. As a reader, I wasn’t expecting these many fascinating information and, hence I thought I’d share it with you.

Women get more than 90% of cosmetic surgery

It’s little disheartening, but amazing to learn that women had 91% of all cosmetic procedures in 2015 – which means that only a fraction (9%) of the treatment were done on men. This drives us to a saddening understanding that women of today can take extreme measure to enhance their naturally beautiful appearance.

Even teens get it

Everyone is beautiful; however teens fail to realize it. They are already blessed with youth, vitality, shine, but many of them do not seem to be satisfied with their natural appearance, and hence increasingly opt for cosmetic surgery. According to a research, 2 % of people aged 13-19 undergo cosmetic surgery every year, the most popular ones being laser hair removal, laser treatment of leg veins and skin resurfacing and nose reshaping.

Surgery is more popular among 40-54 year-olds

It’s reported that nearly half of all cosmetic procedures were done on people aged 40 – 50 years – which of course is not surprising, but the sheer number of them is alarming.

Lasers have become more viable

These days, laser has become much more viable and less invasive alternatives over traditional surgical cosmetic procedures. While early cosmetic procedures involved dangerous anesthesia, complicated surgeries and painful recoveries, the procedures of today require a few of minutes and no or very little anesthesia and virtually no recovery time. It has become much more reliable, faster, safer, less painful and affordable as well.

It’s less costly

Among the many procedures done last year, the average cost of one surgery was $800, which translates to the fact the some of the procedures were less expensive. The cosmetic procedures are not just exclusive to wealthy socialites, but now are accessible to anyone who can save up.

Demand for breast augmentation is still up

It’s been years since silicone breast implants were deemed to increase the risk of lupus and other disorder, but breast augmentation is still the most popular of all cosmetic procedures. It’s estimated that there has been increase of about 36% in breast implants since the year 2000.

We spend more than $10,000,000,000 on it every year

It’s indeed overwhelming that the total amount spent on cosmetic surgery is more than $10,000,000,000 every year and is still rising. This also concludes the very fact that women are willing to spend a lot to look and feel amazing.