Boost Your Beautiful Shape: Breast Augmentation Trends From 2016 Onwards

Breast augmentation surgery is currently the most demanded cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. But as trends change on a continuous basis, even Hollywood stars that have always portrayed that well-rounded, full and large breasts are the perfect one are having a rethink. The idea of ‘bigger is better’ is giving way to a breast augmentation trend that looks natural on the woman. The following trends will endure far into the breast augmentation future.

The Feature of Size

Women with less breast tissue than they desire always consider the idea of having a breast augmentation surgery as a viable option. Formerly, a rounded implant that lifted the breast above and below was the only option available. Though it gave a general appearance of fullness, it did not give the desired natural look. Although men bought the idea of ‘bigger is better’ as the absolute breast image then as that’s what the media was preaching, women are now turning to younger and more natural looking breasts. Even if that means being larger than what they currently carry, they still prefer a size that looks more natural on them. Results of a research study have indicated that most people think the average C cup bust is the perfect size for a breast. But it all boils down to your desires and what you discuss with your doctor.

The Feature of Implant Options

There are so many implant options to choose from nowadays. This is due to the rapid technological advancement in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Silicone filled implants which greatly resemble your natural breast tissue in feeling have been approved by the FDA. The structured implant which contains different fluid layers and is filled with saline offers a more natural look if chosen. It offers teardrop and round shape options and is devoid of certain concerns that are related to using the silicone option. There are just too many options to choose from says Dr. Jane Rowley, a Lubbock based plastic surgeon.

The Feature of Fat Grafting

The fat grafting breast augmentation technique is perhaps the most trending and popular procedure. It has been so for some time and its popularity just keeps increasing. It involves taking fat cells from any area of your body where they are not needed and injecting them into the breasts where they are desired. The procedure raises the size of breasts to make them feel and look reasonably normal. A lot of patients are now opting for the technique thereby prompting many cosmetic plastic surgeons to begin offering the procedure and technique.

The Feature of Invasive Procedures

Less invasive breast augmentation procedure cases are continuously rising because the technique lowers recovery period greatly and enhances general recovery period. A few of the less invasive breast augmentation surgery procedures which have been developed over time include;

  • Implant Then Inflate: This involves using the saline implant. A flat implant is implanted via a tiny incision on the breast before being filled with a saline injection to inflate it.
  • Injections: This is the least invasive option available as it is non surgical. Here, saline injections into the breast are used to increase its size. The only downside is that it is not permanent and does not last for long.

The Feature of Modifying Former Selections

Many women who opted for the large bust now feel they need a change. Most of them now visit surgeons to have their former implants changed. Many of such women have admitted that the new implants were for new natural looks that fitted their current body frame, lifestyle and the modern times.

Breast augmentation is still the most demanded cosmetic plastic surgery procedure and will remain so for a long time. Now that technology is offering so many choices, you do not have to view the breast world as one where ‘one size fits all’.