Reduce Worker Leg & Back Pain With Anti Fatigue Mats

Do you know the largest cause of physician visits in the United


The flu? The Common cold? No, the largest cause of physician

visits is lower back pain, apart from headaches.

Lower back pain can be quite a drag, especially since its

usually accompaniend by dreadful foot & leg pain. A major cause

of foot, leg, & back pain is harsh and demanding work

environments, where a worker can stand on an extremely hard

surface for prolonged time frames.

Working on hard surfaces can cause severe fatigue, which is

when the muscles are constricted and blood flow is reduced. In

this state, the heart works a lot harder to pump blood through

the troubled areas, and the body runs out of energy. The

negative effects are pain and exhaustion.

One solution to this ever-growing problem is to use anti

fatigue mats in the workplace, especially in areas where a lot

of standing labor is performed. Apart from cushioning, anti

fatigue mats provide a gentle “rebound” which encourages subtle

movement of leg and calf muscles, thus promoting an easier flow

of blood to and from the heart. Basically, through more

efficient muscle activity, the imbalance of constricted blood

is virtually eliminated.

So what is the proof that anti fatigue mats actually work?

There are several studies that prove the efficacy of anti

fatigue mats, with the most notable one being a format study at

the Center of Ergonomics at the University of Michigan. Mark

Redfern, an economist, tested the effects of a variety of floor

conditions on physical fatigue. Fourteen subjects were required

to stand throughout their entire shift at the Ford Chesterfield

Trim Plant. Two of the surfaces tested were concrete and a 3/8″

rubber anti-fatigue mat. The conclusive result of the study was

that hard concrete floors caused the greatest amount of

discomfort and fatigue, while anti fatigue mats were able to

reduce it by as much as 50%.

Your company can directly benefit from the use of anti fatigue

mats through increased worker productivity, reduced worker

compensation costs, and lower insurance costs and absenteeism.

Since it is a well-established fact that companies are losing

billions of dollars each year due to the above mentioned worker

related issues, it only makes sense to make a trivial investment

on anti fatigue matting to dramatically reduce these losses.

In addition to pain and discomfort, prolonged standing on hard

surfaces can also cause long-term problems. Pronation, which is

the extensive flattening of the foot, and varicose veins, which

are caused by the stagnation of blood in lower areas, are two

health problems associated with standing trauma. These problems

are very costly in terms of worker compensation and insurance,

not to mention the resulting lack of productivity and employee


Anti fatigue mats are a real solution, as recommended by the

National Safety Council in its publication “Ergonomics”.

Amongst the professionals who recommend anti fatigue mats are

ergonomists, occupational nurses, insurance agents, and POM


It is essential that the workplace be safe and pleasant in

order to promote the highest levels of productivity, reduce the

rate of absenteeism and turnover, increase employee

satisfaction, and as a direct result, cut costs and improve