Preventing Back Pain

Many women experience back pain when they first become mothers, but this can partially alleviated by changing the way the mother moves around with the baby. Just as when lifting anything else, avoid lifting with the back and lift with the legs instead. Keep your baby close to your body when you hold them, and do not pick up your child with your arms outstretched. It can be clumsy to place a baby in the back of a two door car, so consider a four door model instead. Front packs can help your baby ride better and take the strain off of tired back muscles. Carrying your child on your hip is also a no-no, as this can strain your muscles. Twisting your body while you hold your baby can also result in strain. Rather than bending over to breast feed your baby, take them to you. Remove the high chair tray when taking your out of the high chair or putting them in.

The same goes for cribs; remove the side of the crib instead of lifting over the side. You should begin exercising soon after delivery to restore hip and back flexibility, unless you delivered by C-section, in which case it is wise to wait six weeks. Exercise can also help you return to your normal weight, improving overall health and leaving you better able to go with the rigors of raising your child. In general try to minimize the number of awkward angles you must subject yourself to when moving your baby around.